The term candelabra is defined as a multiple set of traditional decorative candlestick holders. While this was once the case before electricity was invented, today's interior designers have electrified the candelabra and the term now denotes a multiple set of faux decorative candlestick holders. These lighting fixtures range in size and design. From three piece table top candelabras, to 20 or more piece chandelier style candelabras, hanging candelabra can be very heavy and difficult to install. Use this guide to hanging candelabras and you'll be sure your candelabra installation goes perfectly.

Centering the Candelabra

Center the candelabra in the middle of the room. Measure both horizontally and vertically across the ceiling, divide the two measurements in half and mark the center of the space. For ceilings that are on an angle, repeat the process on the floor and make a mark. Now use a plumb bob to find the center of the ceiling to hang the light fixture.

Finding a Joist

Because many candelabra light fixtures tend to be made from wrought iron and are extremely heavy, they need proper support when hanging them from the ceiling. Finding a joist is crucial to installing a candelabra safely. The quickest and simplest method is to enter the attic space above the candelabra and find a joist. Drive a nail next to joist to make a mark for reference down below.

Of course, it's not always easy or might not be possible to enter the attic space above the candelabra. In this case, an electronic stud finder can allow you to locate a joist. Measuring every 24 inches from a nail hole can provide you with a cheap way to find joists. Use a small finish nail and a hammer to locate the joist.

Once a joist is located, the ceiling light box can be secured onto the joist. If the joist is too far from your center mark, you may need to install a wooden rosette that spans the length of the two joists. This will allow you to secure the candelabra light box to a sturdy surface.

Hanging the Candelabra

Prior to hanging a lighting fixture of this size, it's a good idea to get a few friends to help. Several ladders should be secured, tested and in place before you begin. Have one or two people on the ground hoisting the candelabra to the two people on the ladder. One person on the ladder should guide the holding hook onto the light box hook. The other ladder person should steady and help support the weight of the candelabra. The chain should quickly be attached, and then the candelabra can be released and wired according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Source by Emily Chadwick