Are you in need of a decent home landscaping book to shape up the walkways, or spruce up the back yard? Do you need to fix up the area around your house to improve the property value for sale? Perhaps, you've decided in this housing market to stay put for a decade or more. Well if so, there is a very good book which I'd certainly like to recommend to you. I own this book and the name of the book is:

“Ideas for Landscaping” A Sunset Series Book, by the Editors of Sunset Books and Sunset Magazine, Edited by Linda Hogan, Illustrations: Gary J. Patterson, Lane Book Publishers, Menlo Park, CA, (1975 – Eighth Printing) pages 96, Library of Congress Number: 70-180522, Title Number: 376-03453-X

Ever wonder the best way to hold up bougainvillea vines? Where to put vines, or how to control them? Well this is a great book for that, best of all you can build your own trusses and know they can take the weight, weather the heat, and hold off the winds. Putting in a fire pit, BBQ pit, BBQ area, well you will find drawings, samples, and excellent examples of everything you are looking for in this Landscaping book. How about sprinkler systems – yes, all listed in easy “How To” form. Much better than anything I've seen on the Internet.

Which way the house is facing for the best shading, and considerations of decks, gazebos, fencing, pools, tree lines, etc – yes, again all covered in this volume. The book also speaks to the concern of airflow, prevailing winds, and how to design shrubs, and fencing to keep every the way you want it, including how to protect a flower garden from the wind. How about lighting, both Sun and artificial lighting, accent lighting, BBQ area lighting, pool accenting – indeed, you will find a whole section on this too.

If you are considering plants for your front or back yard, well, this book shows you which regions of our country are best suited temperature-wise. Of course, with the global cooling we are having and the trend seems to be well documented, you might wish to consider that as well. And if you want to build a deck or plant ferns, lots of very excellent pages on both of these topics too. Yes, this is an excellent book, I just wish I hadn't borrowed to my neighbor, he's working on his property and I doubt he'll return it until he's completed. Please consider all this.

Source by Lance Winslow