One symptom common in insomniacs is that it is really difficult for them to fall asleep at night, or to develop a regular sleeping pattern. Throughout my experience, I have tried many different products, medications, and sleeping pills.

Sleeping pills are great…but…

Im sure at one point or another in your life you have been addicted to sleeping pills. By that, I mean, without a sleeping pill, it is almost impossible for you to fall asleep. Don't get me wrong, I have relied in sleeping pills a lot during my life. That said, I think a more natural way to cure your problems falling asleep at night lies in a little device I call a blue sleeping light.

How Sleeping Lights Work

These sleeping lights work by tricking your body into thinking it is time to go to sleep. These devices replicate a light signature that is common to light patterns at night. By using one of these lights at night, they simply make you feel like it is just that time to go to sleep now. Check out my resource box below for the sleep lighting device I like the most.

Ever lie awake in bed for hours because your mind is racing over what happened the day before? I have found that the sleeping light has a calming effect on your mind. It basically sooths your mind, in turn, tiring out your body. This effect prepares your body to go into sleep mode, instead of your mind forcing your body to stay up because it is going one million miles a second.

Do they work and are they worth it?

These devices worked wonders from me, and from the reviews I read, most people see atleast some sort of improvement with the light on. I think the light is worth it, but don't buy some cheap piece of junk. Try and find a multi purpose sleep light that also turns on when it is time to wake up.


Source by Daniel Kooper