Police sirens along with their light bars and emergency lighting equipment are an integral part of the cop vans. There are a lot of companies that manufacture trendsetting and path-breaking sirens with distinctive features. Each of these sirens is manufactured for specialized purposes. There are mechanical tone and electrical air horn sirens. There are remote sirens that offer control and more flexibility. Most of these sirens are used along with flashing LED light bars in emergency vehicles which include highway patrol cars, fire engines and ambulances.

Police sirens are known for the quality of the speaker that is used in the equipment. The sleek looks and compactness add to the overall design and style element of the cop vans. Reliable performance is offered by these sires which come with highly compact amplifiers that are small in size but large in their functionality. The two most important attributes of these sirens is serviceability and portability. The portability is a function of the size and the performance that is offered within the limitations of that size. Serviceability involves easy maintenance and robust nature that allows tough usage at times.

Police sirens use several different attributes in order to enhance their performance especially in harsh conditions. Terminal block wiring and simple and easy to understand amplifier connections make them highly desirable for the industry. The amplifiers output can be controlled to get desired results depending upon the ambient noises. Sometimes these sirens are enhanced with 100W speakers to provide the right amount of volume. Siren systems also come with light controlling abilities and video camera systems in order to combine as much functionality as possible into the same set.

Police sirens have a rugged design and they can be hand-held as well as mounted. There are some sirens that are specially designed for motorbikes too and can be mounted in locations where they cannot be detected easily. The low profile sirens are ideal for use in stealth operations. They can also be dash mounted with the help of the right kind of mounting brackets. Some sirens can be just placed next to the driver for ease of use and control. Many sirens come with push buttons and volume control knobs, with multiple rotary positions for maximum versatility during use. Given the nature of their use they are designed to ensure that the equipment is extremely safe to handle. In other words, these sirens are well protected to avoid external fusing and short circuits, risks of high voltage as well as the trouble caused by reverse polarity. Such situations can prove fatal and hence the sirens have safe mechanisms to avoid those problems.

The rugged design of the sirens includes moisture resistant casing which protects the equipment at all costs. They are water and shock proof. The LED back lighting brings added functionality to these sirens. Some of the sirens also come with hands-free control systems to change the tone or the volume. Yelp, Phaser and HiLo are some of the most common siren tones that are used in police sirens.

Source by Sunil Punjabi