There are so many uses for table lamps. They have been one of the most reliable sources of light. At the same time, they accentuate the room and highlight its focal points.

Nowadays, most table lamps are powered by electricity. This means that you need to plug them to an outlet in order for the electrical current to power them. This evolution has paved way for a safer lighting device and a more convenient source of light.

Despite the many advantages of lamps, you still cannot deny the fact that the use of electricity poses many risks. Therefore, no matter how advanced your table lamps are, you are still entitled to follow safety precautions when using them.

Safe Practices in Using Lamps

Table lamps pose a risk for electrical fires or faulty wiring. Anything that deals with electricity must be used with caution. Lamps are awesome devices, but you can never tell what is going to happen next. That is why anyone who owns them should take the necessary measures to prevent the occurrence of electrical fires.

Here are some safety procedures when using them:

o Do not plug the device in an overloaded socket.

o Make routine checks on its wiring. If there are bare parts, use electrical tapes to cover them up.

o As much as possible, keep easily combustible materials away from the device.

o If it starts to heat-up, make sure to let it cool down. Therefore, it is also important to turn it off when leaving the room.

o Do not leave the device plugged-in especially when it has no bulb. If you have kids, they might accidentally touch the socket of the bulb (even you can be a victim), which can result to electrocution.

o As much as possible do not hide the wiring of the table lamps under easily combustible materials like rugs, curtains and other forms of fabrics.

o Use the right socket for the lamp's plug.

o Use the right bulbs with the right wattage to prevent overheating.

o Do avoid buying lamps with cheap materials. Study the features to determine if they are fire hazard.

o If you see the lamps are starting to emit electrical sparks, turn it off and avoid using them until repaired.

Be a responsible owner and do not just rely on product descriptions. Even if it is the highest quality lamp, you still have to use them with caution. Doing so will prevent accidents, injuries and most of all, losing your home.


Source by Cody Scholberg