“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” — Edith Wharton

It's not uncommon for homes to have a dimmer switch in various locations including the dining room. The primary reason for this is not so much an energy savings as it is the ambience the family is seeking to achieve.

Wax based candles can provide the ambience sought in candlelight, but they also have inherent problems that include variable length candle wicks as well as the consistent diminishing candle size. Regular candles also tend to leave waxy reminders of their existence on linens, tables and glassware.

A Far Better Course of Action

If you are looking for reliable accent lighting for your home, a quality glass oil lamp may be a perfect solution. These heirloom quality oil lamps and oil candles provide the candlelight you desire without the issues regularly faced with wax candles.

Paraffin based oil is used with a fiberglass wick that allows hours of consistent mood setting light that sets the proper tone for mealtime, family time, or a peaceful evening with friends.

While the purchase of lamp oil is a separate acquisition, it's important to realize that these oils can be purchased at your local arts and craft supplier. Your oil lamp may cost as little as three cents an hour to operate keeping that ‘just right' atmosphere you long for. Compatible fragrances can also be added at your discretion filling your home with a scent that can be altered each time you refill your lamp.

Lamp oil of high quality can burn for up to six hours per ounce and prove an overall cost savings when compared to their wax candle counterparts.

Climate Control

An artistic oil lamp or oil candle provides a perfect accent to your décor while maintaining an integral role in atmosphere control. The ambience of your home can be altered significantly using an oil lamp or oil candle. Costs are minimized, cleanup is almost non-existent and unique glass-in-glass designs make them a timeless gift that can be passed on to future generations.

Elegance Personified

An oil lamp or oil candle is a perfect gift for events from weddings to anniversaries – housewarming to birthday. If you have someone in your life that appreciated high quality and could use something that provides a sense of serenity then an oil lamp may be a timely and well appreciated gift.

By day the clear hand blown glass reflects subtle lights dancing in your home, by night the consistent flame elicits a sigh of contentment and shows up as dancing pixies in the eyes of those we care about most.

A touch of class can be achieved in outdoor gatherings using an oil lamp. The backyard can be transformed into an exotic locale for your friends and neighbors to enjoy and remember.

Is it any wonder that those who either use or have been given an oil lamp return to it regularly as a perfect gift giving choice?

Source by James Zeller