There are a lot of important factors to consider when you're thinking of putting in landscape lighting. The exterior of your home is an extension of the inside of your home.

Your style and personality should shine through in every aspect of your landscaping and this includes how you light it up. If your home isn't properly lit then no one will be able to see it in the manner it should be seen in.

Your landscape lighting is also an important safety consideration for your home. Many studies have shown that homes with good exterior lighting are less likely to be burglarized. It can also be a safety feature for your guests. The last thing you want if for your neighbor to come visit and break an ankle tripping over something they couldn't see.

In order to get the best and most natural looking lighting, observe the light patterns around your home. Go outside at various times of the day and see where the light is. See what the natural light highlights and what it shadows, this is what you'll ideally try to recreate.

Using subtle light that tries to recreate the sunlight will create the best look and not look overdone. Also consider what areas of your yard you'd like to highlight. Maybe you have a fantastic garden or a stunning pond, these are things you'll want to showcase. For these things a more direct lighting source is best.

What you will likely end up doing is using a combination of light sources to achieve a fantastic result. Moonlighting is a very popular technique. Basically its placing a light in the branch of a tree and letting the light filter through naturally, it creates a very dramatic effect.

Uplighting is also popular and is the exact opposite of moonlights. Its placing a light on the ground and letting it shine up at an object. Shadowing is the process of putting a light behind an object and works well for statues or sculptures. Combining these effects and others will make your home truly one of a kind. Now that you have some ideas you can begin installing your landscape lighting.

When considering landscape lighting, be sure to consider LED lights. LED based lighting options are not only cost effective, they are safer to use with less heat and more customizable than other types of lighting options. You'll also save money!


Source by Lydia Quinn