There are many types of gutter clips to choose from and each clip is designed to fit standard gutters. There is no need to ruin your home's siding or roof by using nails or staples. Gutter clips serve as a strong anchoring system for hanging all types of lights. A few types of gutter clips include:

  • All in one clips
  • C7/C9 clips to keep lights facing the same direction
  • Icicle clips to easily hang your icicle strands

You can also buy gutter clips based on whether or not you want your Christmas lights stand vertically up and down or horizontally to either the left or right. Certain bulbs can require certain types of gutter clips. For example:

  • All in one gutter clips can be used to hang strands horizontally or vertically
  • C7/C9 clips will keep your lights pointing upward
  • Icicle clips are the perfect solution to hang each icicle strand

Depending on your personal style, you may prefer to hang LEDs or classic C7s and the variety of clips on the market allow you to choose the proper clip for your display. Once you choose the bulb type or style for your display, it will be easy to choose the appropriate clip. Be sure to use one gutter clip per bulb or icicle strand to maintain a taught, straight effect.

C7 & C9 bulbs are large enough to be seen from a distance. To maximize the C7/C9 display, using one clip per bulb will assure that every light is facing in the same direction. This cohesive look gives your display a professional look and feel.

Icicle lights, when not hung properly, can sag or dip throughout the Christmas season. Hanging each icicle strand from its own light clip will prevent sagging. While having one gutter clip per strand may seem like a lot, you will thank yourself when the icicle lights hang straight as an arrow while your neighbor's lights may be sagging.

All in one clips will be perfect for your display if you prefer to use mini lights to outline the roofline of your home. Minis offer a traditional Christmas look and can easily be clipped to your home's gutters. Hang two strands of different colored minis on your gutters and use a controller to alternate between the colored mini strands. This will add visual interest to your roofline that cannot be accomplished with just one strand of lights.

Choose from our wide variety of gutter and light clips for your Christmas light needs.

Source by Tus Hin