The Earth's Nocturnal Age

In the time of torrential darkness, when the night was older than the sun-or so it gave the impression, for eons, within earth's solar system, a period between space and time, that can't be accounted for but was, when the earth brooded for the sun, and the moon had a miasma noxious influence, an anomalous night light creeping through the deep atmospheric cloud of earth, trying to penetrate its eldritch darkness, yawning to shed a tinge of graceful light upon earth, being but a few rays at its brightest moment and sharing but a tenth of that, at midnight was the earth's nocturnal age.

During the closing of this period, earth`s demonic race was awaiting its one time ruler, Lucifer; but the heavenly battle was so harsh it disrupted the whole solar system; thus, came the nocturnal ages, one passing onto another. And therefore, little to nil, life in all forms had to barely survive the long night, which goes for earth's foliage, and sea life, to include, among the left over legitimate parts of humanity or subhuman humanity, life that had survived in the leagues of blackness, they survived deep in the deep ebon hollows of caves and underground caverns; it was an underworld ocean per se.

As for the likes of three ruling demon of the time: Arch Devil Belphegor (King and ruler of five legions), Agaliarept, to be in time, Lucifer's henchman, and ruler of three legions, and Amsodeus, more wizard than devil it would appear, from the black arts. All knew of the great battle in heaven, followed the news step by step as it sank, and drifted seemingly from the stars down to them, and those demon feeling God humiliated Lucifer once their commander and chief, and therefore, were awaiting to follow Lucifer at his every command, as did two-thirds of heaven's angelic renegades, who were now exiled on the moon, for treason. Belphegor and his horde were a restless throng, but all the same loyal to Lucifer.

Where Lucifer was, no one knew but everyone knew on the day of light, he'd appear, with his angelic forces, and to meet his demonic forces.

Some of the inhabitants that lived in the underground world, at this period, alien, or whatever, had more robotic brains than normal ones, in that two cells inside their brains with two neurons, made decisions for them, such as one for hunger and one for food. They were called by the demon, ‘The Occupants' they thought much like the snail.

The other branch of humanity, were naked beings, unnamed, with long beards, hair matted with slime, some tall, the elders with bent backs, idiotic in looks, they spoke in grunts, and gibbered unintelligible pauses, the more elite, with monosyllables. This was what was left of humanity's degenerate remnant of earths' past and present; both were becoming extinct.

During this period of earth's dehydration, these nomadic conduit clans, ebbed deep into the bottom roots of earth's crust, sought out underground lakes, fish, reptilian meats, worms, spiders, every form of insect, a nightmarish revulsion for mankind and demon alike, and for those angelic renegades left on Earth's Moon, a tormented nightmare.

Amongst those rulers on the moon, were Azaz'el, who would in time, teach and did teach during this dark age, injustices, and there was Semyaza, who would in time be the great fornicator, and Asder'el, who taught of the planets, and was doing just that on the moon: teaching how the Universe was expanding as new bodies and current explosions took place, pushed the universe outward, as a fat man might eat until he is bloated. And he taught about Jupiter's great cloud storms, its ammonia ice clouds. Other than that, they were all waiting on the moon, to finish their first order of penitence?

The Lunar Nocturnal Ages

God's Son, now Commander and Chief, had fought with Lucifer, and Lucifer was cast off heavens cliffs, whereabouts on earth, he landed, who's to say? And his following, angelic renegades were dumped on earth's moon which was molten hot, at the time.

It was a time when the moon acquired massive bombardments, a time when asteroids, and comets brought chunks of their substances, debris, to the moon's surface, when meteorites occasionally reached the moon making their way through the asteroid belt; inside these rocks, and stones were deposits of water, water-rich with carbonaceous chondrite, Moon-water, that sizzled and brought ferruginous dust, to those high ranking renegades awaiting. These primitive asteroids, created volcanic eruptions which caused volcanic rocks to absorb water, – within the moon's pommelled molten rock. Inside those rocks were organic molecules. In essence, one might be able to suck the water out of the rock, and perhaps many did for want of thirst. But for the most part these smattering of waters were buried deep inside the moon, as time progressed, during this dark lunar nocturnal age, the moon became a more reasonable habitat for the angelic race, that didn't need oxygen.

This was a time when God was moving Jupiter and other outer planets in place (after the great disruption in heaven), resetting their orbits, creating our Solar System anew, so as not to impact planet Earth.

In any case, let me go onto the premise of this Vignette.

A geochemist might and might not agree with this, but should they undo the tightly bound water up in moon rocks, a trace of water will emerge (magmatic – water). And so the moon was a habitual place for a moment in time, and an awful place to be sent to for imprisonment for treason, which is the case at hand for these renegade angels, along with a cosmic prison in some far-off nebula. But as soon as this age of darkness was to come to its end, Lucifer would show up once again, as would be the penitence for the renegades reduced to earth.

And so Lucifer swollen by the breath of his followers, awaited his stardom to appear in person, as his three Angelic Renegades combed Lucifer's savage nature into his 200-million followers, with the secrets of heaven, only to turn them into dark necromantic secrets. And so one to another taught the crafts of all the known secrets of heaven to his following, and they all acquired much dubious knowledge, of the forbidden, as anon they would teach to mankind and the demons awaiting their arrival.

In time to be, -both demon and angelic renegade, and those among Adam's heritage that followed this craft, they would be called wizards, amongst other things, for this was a stepping stone into the supernatural, even among the demons they could not hold the supernatural power of the Angelic Renegades without their consecrations: all such teachings to be kept in safekeeping, in some form of erudition editions, likened to black books of magic, which were to follow in times yet to be: to be buried for eons, in the minds of Lucifer's followers, and then retraced, and then brought to light when light reemerged on earth and earth took on a more stable environment; that is to say, when God brought light back to the full earth, and allowed them entry.

Written: 6-2 & 3-2016 (#5256)

Source by Dennis Siluk Dr.h.c.