Outdoor LEDs.

LED lighting has been embraced in the recent past due to its widely dependable nature as compared to the other types of lighting. LED is an abbreviation for light emitting diode, these diodes, are assembled to form a lamp which is considered to last longer and beam brighter and faster when compared to incandescent bulbs.

These lights have been used both for general lighting and for decorations; examples are in the interior lighting of club houses and restaurants, street and parks. The outdoor lighting is a common trend since the camp fires and torches in the stone age. However, it has been used more for enhancement and decoration purposes. The type and the color of lighting used depends on the use.

Advantages of LED lamps

· The diodes usually produce light of a single color; this allows these LED bulbs to be perfect decoration tools mostly where colored lighting is required.

· The light beams generated are more focused and more taper.

· The LED bulbs are more durable and therefore best to use in both indoor and outdoor lighting.

· The led lamps have higher electric energy efficacy, in that they generate more light with the similar amount of current, compared to other bulbs.

· LED bulbs are more compact and smaller in size, allowing lighting fixing and well even apportion in a room or outdoor.

· The diodes light up immediately and do not require warm up time.

Types of outdoor LEDs

· Street lighting, LED lamps are better over the other model of light bulbs due to their energy saving abilities.

· Landscape lighting, this is where it is used outside like in parks sites or picnic sites or gardens. it's commonly done for decoration reasons and to create ambiance in this places.

· Floodlights, these are used to light up areas such as sports arenas and work stations at night. Led lamps are best at such sites due to their brightness and focal light emissions.

· Security lights, these are where these lamps are mounted on the walls or gates of a building to ensure security and safety by discouraging unwarranted intrusions.

· Underwater lighting, mostly used for decorations in pools, fountains, and ponds. These sorts of lamps must be water proof and water resistant.


For outdoor and indoor lighting LED lamps are the best way to go, to experience the purpose and the efficacy of LED lamps use the right light fixture.Together with saving you a lot of money the experience with these bulbs is worth to be called the next big thing.

Source by Idd Aziz