If you're looking for outdoor lighting for your home, it's likely that you can't find a simple and straightforward way to do it these days. Between the choice of solar or LED or freestanding or any other choice, it seems the industry is trying to make this complicated. Well look no further for an all-inclusive guide to the advantages of low voltage outdoor lighting.

Low voltage lighting in your landscaping is a relatively new idea, but with the recent environmental movement it is becoming more and more popular. Low voltage lighting uses a 12-volt current and is safe and easy to install by yourself. Some systems you can buy will already have a light clamped to the power cable, others will not and you'll have to do that on your own. Whichever system you get, be sure that the teeth of the clamp cut through the insulation on the wire or the light will fail to work properly. If you have to affix the lights yourself, then once this is done you merely attach the stake and thread the wires through it to the main power source.

Any low voltage outdoor lighting system you get will have a transformer with it. You can use this to schedule the times during the day you want your yard to be lit. Most will have four, six, and eight hour settings. Some of the more sophisticated systems will have a photocell built in, so it can detect on its own whether it's night or day. This is nice if you're away from home a lot, as your lights will essentially work themselves.

Low voltage systems come in cable-powered and solar-powered systems. Keep in mind the solar powered are more expensive and may not be as reliable since they require eight full hours of direct sunlight. Most systems come with 50 feet of cable but additions are always available if you need it. Low voltage lighting is a great way to ass lighting to your landscape without the added cost. Don't forget to go with the LED options rather than traditional lighting, as you'll save money, energy, time and maintenance over the long haul. LED will be well worth the extra dollars of investment. Not only that, but LED is brighter than traditional lighting, making it safer and more effective for outdoors purposes overall. You can never go wrong when choosing LED lighting options.

Source by Lydia Quinn