There is one way you can have a minor change in the interior design of your home without incurring too much expenses for it. Introducing a new lighting system to your house can greatly change the ambience and the interior design of your house. Some of the best lighting options you can choose are installing downlights, ceiling pendant lights and crystal wall lights on the ceiling of your home.

Downlights are typically made up of two parts, which are the trim and the housing. The former is the visible part of the light when you look up into the fixture. On the other hand, the latter is the fixture which has the lamp holder. Installing downlights in multiples is a great way to illuminate your home as well as change the appearance of the interior of your house which gives it a sense of relaxing and refreshing ambience. Downlights have a narrow opening which provides a focused emission of light.

Chandeliers are great decorative pieces because of their elegant design. Ceiling pendant lights closely resemble chandeliers except that they are mainly used for illumination while their decorative appeal is just an added benefit. Ceiling pendant lights are usually used in groups of four or more lights to provide better illumination as well as to render a great design on the fixture.

Finally, crystal wall lights are ideal lighting fixtures along stairways in your house as well as in corridors leading to your room. Not only they provide great lighting but they also add a great touch of style in the design of your home.

Of the three aforementioned lighting fixtures, downlights are the most commonly installed lights in homes which do not cost a lot yet give a new look to a home.

For some people, installing downlights in their home is very difficult because they do not know how to do it. It is actually very easy to install just like installing ceiling pendant lights as well as crystal wall lights.

Introducing a set of downlights to your home immediately transforms the design of your house without making such a big change to the actual physical structure. Furthermore, you can easily lighten key areas in your home such as the dining table, cooking area, and the living room.

One of the first things you need to do when installing downlights in your home is to choose what type of light you will use. Since downlights emits light into a focal area, eyeball type lights are an ideal choice because they enable light to be focused easier on a specific area.

The next thing you need to do is to decide on the proper of your downlights. Ceiling pendant lights are used in multiples but they are installed as one fixture while crystal wall lights are generally also used in multiples with a spacing of around 4 to 5 meters apart. This is because the emitted light covers quite a big area. For downlights, the ideal spacing between the fixtures is around 6 to 8 feet. The reason for this is to make sure that key areas in your home are well-lit. As mentioned before, downlights emit a focused light and as such they cover a small area.

When you have chosen the locations where you will install the downlights, make sure that you turn the main power off for safety precaution. After that, cut a hole on the ceiling as necessary. Make sure that any furniture directly below the hole is covered or removed in order to avoid dust from falling into it. If you have an existing fixture, remove it first before making the necessary adjustments and before cutting the holes. You can then install the downlights.

Install first the housing or the lamp holder before installing the trim. Make sure that you have the proper wiring connections, which means that your wires must be properly matched. Black wires to black wires and red wires to red wires.

You can then turn back on the main power and watch as your downlights provide a nice ambience of illumination. You can combine downlights with ceiling pendant lights and crystal wall lights to alter the design of your home without spending too much for it.

Source by Iain Jenkins