When thinking about a home improvement project to remodel your kitchen, you should determine which of the four basic floor plans will work best for you.

There are several floor plans you can utilize in the redesign of your kitchen. You should look at pictures of each and note how functional one of them will be for you and your family.

The basic floor plans are:


The U-shape plan is efficient and versatile. You will have workstations on each of three walls. This gives you a lot of storage and counter space on all three sides. If you plan to do a lot of entertaining or if there are two people cooking at the same time, this may not be the best option for you. If you have the space, you can locate a free-standing island workstation in the center of the room.


In an L-shape kitchen design, you have two workstations on one wall and a third one on an adjacent wall. The main workstation should be located close to the bend of the L. This type of kitchen plan is not suited for small kitchen spaces. You have to allow at least four feet of open counter space between the two workstations that share the same wall. You should also be aware of the flow of work in the kitchen. The flow should be from the refrigerator to the sink and then to the stovetop and the serving area. An eating nook should be in the area opposite the bend of the L.


In recent years, the most popular kitchen floor plan has been the island because it features a freestanding workstation which can house a sink or stovetop. The island concept works well in a large kitchen. It can be covered with a special countertop such as butcher block so that you can use it for chopping vegetables. Marble countertops are great for pastry cooks.

The island does not have to be stationery. Put wheels on it. If your island is used only as a workstation in the kitchen, it can also be utilized as a workstation on your deck or patio. Another type is the peninsula island. It can be anchored to a wall and when not used as a workstation it can be used as a buffet table.

Wall Plan

The wall plan is a space saver. It is found in small homes, vacation homes, and apartments. However, it is not the most efficient use of space for a person who does a lot of cooking. With this type of plan, you should have the sink between the refrigerator and the stove. Ideally, you should have four feet of counter space on each side of the sink.

When you are thinking about your kitchen redesign project, you may have to move walls or create walls to accommodate the plan you want. Plan your workspace carefully and you will be pleased with the results of your kitchen remodel.


Source by Sandra Rouse