People want to know whats the best cookware set for the kitchen? It is true that you can find really good deals on complete cookware sets but it is no bargain if you end up with pieces that you will never use when preparing meals.

Before buying any cookware try and define what it is you are trying to accomplish with your cookware. This will help to in determining whats the best cookware set to buy for your kitchen.

I prefer cookware that is more functional and can perform more than one cooking task when preparing a meal. Things like browning or searing meat on the stovetop and then finishing the cooking process in the oven all in same piece of cookware. To be able to do this style of cooking I would find cookware that is oven safe and can withstand high temperatures including the handles and lids.

Other examples of cookware that can perform many tasks is enameled cast iron cookware. This type of cookware is good for performing many tasks as simple as preparing sauces like spaghetti sauce on the stovetop or cooking a roast in the oven.

Another mutitasker to consider would be a stainless steel stockpot with basket insert. You could use this pot for making homemade soups, and with the basket inserted make your favorite pastas and can also be used as a steamer for steaming vegetables and seafoods.

This method of cooking will also cut down on clean up time because you are minimizing the amount of cookware you will be using when preparing meals.

One other piece of cookware I keep on hand is at least one good nonstick skillet. Although this may not fit into the category as a multitasker it is one that is great to use when making eggs and is idea for preparing things that maybe messy and sticky. Also great if your're on a diet and want to prepare low fat meals.

Also one thing to consider if being able wash your pots and pans in the dishwasher is a priority then plain cast iron and anodized aluminum is not a good choice. You then might want to consider stainless steel pots and pans.

I have many pots and pans but when I finally adopted this method of cooking I typically only use a few pieces of cookware when preparing meals in the kitchen. I also take this same approach when looking for cooking utensils. This is just my personal choice and approach when I am looking for the best cookware for the kitchen.

Source by Bob Cummins