Wedding table decor doesn't have to be insanely expensive nor does it have to be personalized to each of the guests. In truth, all you need are a few cheap wedding accessories and you can create elegant, memorable decorations that your guests are sure to love & enjoy.

Simple Wedding Table Decor…

Napkins: Theme colored napkins are so often over looked, yet they're a perfect way to add some flair & style to the tables. Choose a simple napkin design accompanied by your wedding colors and you'll have an immensely cheap, yet surprisingly elegant table decoration.

Table Cloths: This is another wedding table decor item that gets passed over constantly. While white table cloths can hardly be considered as table decorations, colored table cloths are a completely different story. Make sure they are colored to match your wedding and you can easily pass off these simple items as beautiful wedding decor.

Utensils: If you want to save money, plastic is definitely the way to go. However, plain old white plastic utensils aren't going to cut it; especially when it comes to wedding table decor. If you want to add in some style, make sure those eating implements are colored to match the theme of your wedding. And if plastic isn't quite your thing, you can always spree for “actual” silverware.

Candles: Just like the 3 table accessories above, you'll need to get this decoration in colors to match the wedding. Candles are great table centerpieces that really spruce up the look & atmosphere of the guests' tables. Engraved candles are nice, but they're more expensive; hence, they are not completely necessary.

These are 4 of the simplest and cheapest ideas for wedding table decor. Even though these ideas seem alarmingly simple, they'll create the illusion of expense and elegance, guaranteed!

Source by Sean Saunders