Older people always used to say “Bathroom is the mirror to the house and it always creates a lasting impression”. It is often seen that most of the people have big and beautiful houses, however very less or no importance is given to the bathrooms. It is believed that if one wants to see how clean a person is, one should visit the kitchen or bathroom. A clean bathroom indicates that the person maintains high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. In today's world, refashioning the bathroom is gaining impetus as people have started taking keen interest towards the placement of the sinks, faucets and tubs, the colour and design of the tiles, the light fittings, shower curtains, rugs, etc. The time is progressing fast and new designs and ideas keep pouring in which attracts the consumers and there are even companies which do the whole remodelling as per the requirement.

It is good that the option to refashion or alter the bathroom has become so convenient an option, however it is still of interest to know what all does this concept actually cover and its significance as being an asset.

Components of Bathroom Remodelling- Some of the important components which one can consider under this head are:

• Sinks – These could be of different styles like a vessel, one which is mounted to the wall, a one piece set, etc.

• Faucets and other fixtures

• Bathtubs

• Showers and shower cubicles

• Toilet models

• Light fittings and mirror styles

• Flooring- This could be wood, vinyl or linoleum

• Tiles- Preferably anti-skid tiles to avoid slipping

Importance of Bathroom Remodelling-

1. Having a bathroom remodelled gives one a sense of hygiene.

2. Makeover of a bathroom accentuates the value of the house

3. Leaves a very good impression on the visitors.

4. Keeps away the germs and bacteria.

5. It gives a classy look to the bathroom as the latest technology and fittings are used.

6. A well transformed look to a bathroom enhances its style and even helps in adjusting with the recent requirements.

Thus, this new paradigm is done by different people for different reasons, but it works out to be an asset as the bathroom is a place where we clean ourselves so it gives a good feel it is maintained well and kept nicely. Visitors are the people who definitely visit the bathroom and if it is kept clean and remodelled it leaves a good impression about us. A clean and well modelled bathroom is the key to a happy house and happy self.

Source by Aman Tumukur Khanna