Since there are a lot of designs, colors and materials, opting for the right cutlery set is not an easy job these days. Although spoons, forks, and knives are the utensils that help you eat, they have an important place in every kitchen. Just like we can't live without a toothbrush, a towel and sneakers, we can't live these utensils. In this article, we going to share with you a few ideas that can help you opt for the best cutlery set.


You can find cutlery made of different types of material like bamboo, wood, bone, plastic, stainless steel and silver. As far as opting for the right material is concerned, most of the cutlery is made of stainless steel and silver.

When it comes to cost, stainless steel is your ideal option. On the other hand, silver is the most expensive choice. Stainless steel is the right mix and match for a modern kitchen.

Stainless steels offer a lot of advantages, such as high strength, corrosion resistance and the ability to withstand high temperatures. So, this material is an ideal choice for pharmaceutical facilities, kitchens, and hospitals.

Style and Shape

Based on your personality and attitude, you choose the right shape and style. In fact, when it comes to choosing cutlery, style and shape are the two important factors. However, opting for your desired style doesn't mean you can compromise on the weight and quality of cutlery.

The cutlery you are going to choose shouldn't be too light or too heavy. Heavy utensils are difficult to carry around and lightweight tools are low quality. Don't ignore the polish of the surface of cutlery. Mirror polished is your best choice If you prefer shiny surfaces.

Today, you can find cutlery in a lot of colors. Most people like the golden color, but you can choose any color.

Size of the Cutlery Set

Size is another important factor before you purchase a set. Typically, you choose from a 70-piece set and 4-piece set. It all boils down to your family size. However, for most families, a set consisting of 16 pieces is an ideal choice.

Proper Care

Ideally, you may want to invest in a set that can stand the test of time. So, how can you purchase a reliable set?

As said earlier, most of the cutlery sets of today are made of stainless steel, which means it can stand the test of time. Aside from choosing the right material, you also need to take the right steps to maintain the condition of your cutlery.

In other words, you need to use the cutlery the right way and clean it properly to make it last longer. Not washing the dishes after use is a bad idea as it will cause the acidic foods to eat into the utensils. Don't forget to dry the dishes after each cleaning session.

Besides, it's not a good idea to use harsh chemicals to clean the cutlery set. Instead, you may want to opt for some better alternatives.


So, you may want to use these tips when buying a good cutlery set.


Source by Dhanusuya K