Copper has been around for as long as we've been cooking, both as the base material for creating kitchen sinks or as pots and pans. Because copper has such a rich history in the culinary arts, it's benefits and shortfalls have already been etched in time.

The Pros

* Copper is stylish and matches nearly any decor
* Comes in hundreds of shapes and sizes
* Naturally resistant to bacteria
* Has the ability to heal itself

The Cons

* Can be expensive
* Won't develop a patina
* More prone to scratches
* Requires a bit more maintenance

Copper kitchen sinks are a fantastic way to add a unique look to your kitchen, no matter what style you have. Remember that when you are looking for a new copper kitchen sink, you need to ponder the aspects of your current sink and what you would change if you could. Look in stores, online and in popular magazines for style ideas and take your time. This isn't a sink you will have only for a few years, copper sinks can last several lifetimes. Consider rehoming an antique copper sink that already has character built into it and has a proven record of longevity. Buying at an antique or estate sale can also save you money, but remember, it doesn't come with any guarantee.

Buying Your Copper Kitchen Sink
When you find a copper sink that you love, check this quick list to make sure it is of the highest quality and is made to last:

* A copper sink should be made of 16 gauge or thicker copper
* Joints should be welded, not soldered, as this will give way to leaks over time
* The company should always provide a lifetime guarantee. If not, walk away, because this shows their lack of confidence in their product

Finding the perfect copper kitchen sink takes time but is worth the effort to have this beautiful new addition to your home. Don't overlook the details in your sink as it will become the focal point of your decor and will catch the eye of guests as they enter.

Source by Mark J Austin