Table skirt is the material that is used on your table to make it look complete and beautiful. It is basically used to take your attention from the tables' legs by hiding them with a cloth. Table skirts are used in home, hotels and restaurants on normal days and also during special occasions. Let us now see the benefits of using this accessory.

1. It hides the unnecessary things that could be kept under the table.

2. It gives the table a very good look.

3. If you are dining with your family, there are chances of your children spilling the juice on the table. If your table has a skirt, it would protect the table from not getting stained by those spilled juices.

Let us now look at the different types and varieties of table skirts and clothing available in the market and how they are unique from each other:

1. Polyester: It is a less expensive skirt and is synthetically made. It does not absorb anything so it is good if you have a polyester table for your children.

2. Plastic: It has a long lifetime and it is cheap too. It would not dig a hole in your pockets.

3. Linen: Linen is a very flexible and stretchable fabric. So if you find a linen skirt which is not a perfect size for your table, then you can probably stretch them up at the corners to compensate for the short size.

4. Fitted: These are basically not ready made skirts. You buy a piece of cloth or any other material suitable for the table and tailor make it to exactly fit your table.

5. Pleated: It is a kind of skirt which uses two fabrics, one to cover the table and keep it secure and the other is used to cover the first cloth and give the table a trendier look.

6. Covers: These covers are more flexible in nature and are basically used to cover the table. It is firmer, flat and once fitted does not move like skirts. The cover is fitted by folding the cupping of the cover at the corners below the table. It is very easy to put it on but it does not cover the legs of it which gives your dining area a better look.

7. Cloth: Is basically used to cover up the dining place and is available in various fabrics, size and shape.

8. Overlays: It is basically the additional piece of decorative cloth that goes on the top of the table cloth. It is used basically to add more colour and style to a dining area. These overlays could be used in different styles and come in different colours.

Thus, these are the different types of skirt available for your dining area and their uses too. After going through all the above information, one thing is for sure that a table without a skirt would look like a man without his pants.


Source by Tarannum Ali Mohmmed