Curtains are obligatory element of an interior and it will not be replaced by jalousies any similar products. Even having ordered jalousies on windows, masters of the house or apartments will not refuse from habitual curtains. The enterprises which would offer rather original and beautiful curtains simply are not present in the majority of cities, and demand for such goods is huge. It is also warmed up by a new direction of textile design which advises to change curtains depending on a season and mood. So, having opened business on tailoring of curtains, you can be assured that you will not remain without work.

By the way, sellers of jalousies and sellers of curtains are not competitors today at all, but allies. Far not everyone is ready to hang up heavy portieres in the apartment but it is necessary to be protected from light somehow. Therefore citizens will acquire a jalousie and as their kind does not associate with house cosiness, will be covered with a habitual tulle curtains. Similar cooperation will be favorable to both parties: sellers of a jalousie can propagandize their goods as the important element intended for protection of an interior, including curtains, from burning out. Sellers of curtains — can position their products as the part of interior that gives house cosiness.

Any successful business on tailoring of curtains is based on two components: salon where goods is presented, and shop where it is produced. However, in a century of information technologies, the role of an exhibition platform can play an Internet site where colorful photos of different curtains will be presented. But remember, the buyer is inclined to trust more to goods he can not only see, but also touch. Curtains salon will perfectly serve this purpose. Also it is not so necessarily to open shop on tailoring. It is possible to find home workers which have the sewing-machines.

To organize your own salon, you will need the area about 30 sq. m. You can also use your usual apartment as salon. Apartment will almost not demands repair because all walls, windows and apertures in it will be hanged up by various stylish curtains. It is necessary to present many of the stylistic variety, after your entire client does not wish to buy ready-made curtains, and prefers to sew exclusive curtains, wants something especial. As a rule, he searches not simply for pieces of a fabric which cover windows, but stylish curtains from the qualitative fabric, executed by the skilled designer on the basis of its wishes so the surroundings of your salon should represent your goods in all its magnificence.

If you have decided to open shop, it is required to you to begin with five work places for which there are enough 90 sq. meters of the area. You can acquire the sewing machine of the Chinese production for $500, overlock costs about $2000, it is desirable to have also the machine for secret seams – its price is in limits of one thousand dollars.

Basically, variants are possible, as they say. You can have shop, and not have own salon. In this case you can simply carry out orders of salons which have no own production. Advantage of the given variant – you are relieved of necessity of dialogue with whimsical clients. However in practice more often work of the enterprise for tailoring of curtains is builds under other scheme: the businessman opens own salon and incurs all creative part, and the foreign sewing shop is directly engaged in sewing. The main thing here is availability of the talented designer which can create really exclusive things. Such designer will be simultaneously both to carry out gauging, and to work as the sales manager. It is desirable to have also and the person with own transport and certain abilities which will hang up ready curtains in-home at clients. This person will also mount eaves. As a rule, these workers are involved from outside for the fixed payment.

Approximate figures on work of the salon look as follows. Different manufacturers estimate the catalogue of fabrics where the product samples are presented, in 20-1000 dollars. On one window the average needed about 6 meters. The margin constitutes not less than 50%, depending on ambitions of the designer it can be and much bigger. As a rule, one customer brings to salon from 700 to 1000 thousand dollars. As practice shows, investments of a few thousand dollars will be quite enough for that business has started to work – very good if to consider, how fast it can pay off.


Source by Igorus Gromadus