Dining room is one of the meeting places where we can together sit with our family and have food. However, what if the dining table is small of the chairs on which you are sitting are uncomfortable? No one would like to sit…

Well if you are facing with the same problem then you need to change the dining chairs and table. To help you in easy serving of the food and drinks these days dining sets are carefully designed by the experts. Here are some tips that will help you in buying a good quality dining styles, which is synonymous with your style statement & home interiors.

* Buy a table that provides with adequate elbow space. (Standard dining height is 29-30 inches)

* Depending on your room size and number of family members select the dining room set. See that there is visually proportioned space around the table for diners to move in and out. Usually 3 feet is recommended by interior decorators.

* See that the table you buy is balanced properly over the legs. Lean on the table from various angles.

* Buy chairs that help the diners to sit upright. Curve chairs at back provide right posture for your back and one enjoys having meals.

*The arms of chair should be enough to slide under the table. When you select the chair sit on it and see you can easily underside your thighs.

The Indian wooden furniture has all these features. You can even find lovely style dining sets in fascinating designs of Jodhpur furniture.

If you are not one of those residing in India, then contact an Indian furniture manufacturer and exporter. You can even browse there range of wooden furniture on their online catalog. Even you can great discounts here.

Source by Pradeep Thanvi