The Laguiole Knife and cutlery range is renowned worldwide and stems from a tradition dating back to the early 1800s when they were originally created as a hunting knifes. The term Laguiole is associated with the factories within the Aveyron region in southern France that produce this unique range of cutlery. Because the term is applied to the manufacturing style, and is not a trademarked brand, this has unfortunately opened the door for cheaper Asian made imitation products. To combat this, all legitimate Laguiole cutlery comes complete with certificates of authenticity that is a guarantee of quality to ensure peace of mind with the customer that they are getting the very best in French workmanship and production.

Beginning in 1920 with humble beginnings in a small workshop, Pierre Dubost would enter into the Laguiole range and named his company after his father and inspiration; Jean Dubost. With an absolute premium placed on the workmanship of each piece and taking great pride with having over 25 different stages of cutting, grinding, polishing and assembling on each item (all with strict control over each process to guarantee consistent quality throughout the range), these standards are upheld to this day and the end result is the Jean Dubost becoming one of the most recognised producers of the Laguiole traditions and are the ultimate in gift giving regardless of the occasion or recipient.

In addition to carrying a large selection of the Jean Dubost range, we also have a substantial amount of Andre Verdier?s products. Andre Verdier brings a much more contemporary approach to its Laguiole production whilst maintaining the traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation. Without compromising on any of the quality materials that are to be expected in the Laguiole range, Andre Verdier has introduced some automated steps in the production process. The outcome is a much more value for money product then the Jean Dubost, whilst still using the same high level grade of steel, carrying the vaunted Laguiole certificate of Authenticity and still being able to boast that it is 100% made in France.

Laguiole can either be purchased as a quality gift on its own or be added as the centrepiece to a gift hamper. Regardless of which range you choose from, or whether they are sent by themselves or are complimented with other products, the recipient will be receiving a unique and distinguished gift that will last from generation to generation.

Source by Matt R Damian