The dream kitchen would have everything one would want or could imagine not only in it but at their easy disposal. What more could one want than everything? My sentiments exactly.

First we'd need a good refrigerator, built into the wall to save space. One that is deceptively large with good storage room for your perfect kitchen. The temperature in the refrigerator would have to preform well. It would have an interior ice-maker and and internal water dispenser with spill control glass shelves. Because after all this we are going to need to hydrate.

Then we would need a large Freezer that is subatomic cold but also has a good control of temperature and that's pretty much it for the freezer. In front of the Fridge/Freezer is where the dog has her bed. So she can watch us cook.

The center piece of every kitchen is the stove/oven. The stove is the brain behind the kitchen without the stove all you are eating is take out and greasy left overs. So here we are going to go all out and get maybe not the top of line but a damn good stove. This is a personalized opinion for the consumer depending on what they like to cook.

Next we are going to need a counter and sink which I would like to be made out of the same material. Perhaps a similar gray veined marble, elegant enough for company and strong enough for dishes and glasses. The marble surface connected to the sink is a great space for rolling pastry. The faucet for the sink would be a goose-necked faucet which is perfect for filling pots and vases.

Decorating the counter would be a large cutting board with a magnetic knife holder displaying on the wall perfect for storing all of your cutting utensils. The rest would be covered with cookbooks, recipes and plants/flowers. Creating the kitchen you want to be in.

Under the counter and sink would be Large Oak Cabinets, perfect for storing cleaning products, pots and pans and off to the side would be a Dishwasher and a pull out Garbage-Can…

Above the Counter and Sink there would be more Oak Cabinets smaller then the ones below but still large enough to hold all of your dishes and glasses. Medium size cabinets perfect for kitchen storage. Attached would be an under the cabinet microwave and a Toaster Oven on the counter top.

Accessories include…an island with electrical outlets under the island counter so several appliances can be used at once. Then we would need a food processor, a blender and a grinder. Some people might want a deep fryer, panini maker, deli slicer, etc. Personally, I purchased an ice-cream maker and never looked back. a great start to the perfect kitchen.

Source by Jared Cleary