Let's look again at Douwe Egberts coffee jars. Most people look no further than the container part of the jar itself. But in this article we are going to focus on the lids. Did you know that you can create stylish tea-light/candle holders from the lids? Or why not turn decorating the lids into making a fancy jars game for the whole family or household to join in? You will need (for the tea-light/candle holders): 2-4 Douwe Egberts coffee jars, or quantity of your choice ordinary cutlery knife 2-4 tea-lights/candles (allow one per jar lid)

You will need (for the fancy jar lids): 2 or more Douwe Egberts coffee jars (or at least one per person/child) ordinary cutlery knife (keep away from small children, of course) selection of small, brightly coloured sweets and/or cake decorations of your choice, such as chocolate sprinkles and hundreds and thousands 2 or more short scraps of coloured ribbon or cord (allow one per jar), about 30 cm/12 inches in length (optional)


1. Clean the jars and remove all labels and ink (see my previous article in this series for how to do this). Ensure the jars are dried thoroughly before use.

2. Take one of the jar lids and turn it upside down. You will see that the underside of the lid is covered with a soft plastic seal.

3. Using the blunt edge of the cutlery knife (adults and older children only), insert it gently lengthways/lengthwise under the lip of the plastic seal, between the plastic and the glass. Do not use the point or the sharp edge of the knife or you will damage the fragile plastic of the seal.

4. Carefully twist the blunt edge of the blade upwards to prise off the seal from the glass lid. It should come off easily.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 to remove the seals from the other lids, if using. (You won't need the plastic seals for the tea-light/candle holders, but you will need them for the fancy jars) The lids are now ready to use.

If you are going to use them as tea-light/candle holders, place each lid upside down on a heatproof surface with open end upwards. You will now see that they make a perfectly sized glass holder for tea-lights/candles. Insert a tea-light/candle into each holder, and light when ready to use.

If you are going to use them as fancy jar lids, place each lid upside down so that the open ends are upwards. Fill each lid with small, brightly coloured sweets and/or cake decorations until almost at the top, but don't overfill or you won't be able to get the plastic seal back on. Put the plastic seal back on each lid and press down firmly. The fancy lid is now finished. Simply put it back on the jar. You can now leave the jar as it is, or tie a piece of coloured ribbon or cord into a box or decorative knot around the neck of the jar to add to the fancy effect. Note: once you have separated the plastic seals from the glass lids, smaller children who are old enough to hold a glass can get in on the act by putting their favourite sweets into the lids and then pressing the seals back on. Hours of family fun are guaranteed!

Source by Lorraine Turner