When you think of dining room decor, what comes to mind? Chances are you will think about the dining room tables and chairs, possibly a china cabinet, and all the china and silverware that will have to go on the table to create a family place setting for a meal. But there is much more to this space than just the table and it's accents.

While, of course, a dining room table is about dining, setting up a whole dining environment takes more than just a table, chairs and a few plates. This is where tapestries can come in, creating a backdrop environment for your dining area.

If you have decided on a still life food theme to go with your dining room, you may be able to find art that fit into this theme. Many art pieces have been created with the image of beautiful pieces of still life art such as vases and bowls of fruit. If these are the type of decor you have decided to put in your dining room, having a beautiful painting of one of these pieces of art can suit the scene perfectly.

Color and softness can be brought into your dining room by adding floral works. If you want the space to always look fresh and bright, you may want to look for a tapestry that depicts a bouquet full of spring blooms that seem to burst from the wall and lighten the whole room.

Don't stop at just the floral ones, though. If you want to create a complete look you should try to find real floral arrangements to add to your dining room table that match your tapestries and really bring all that color and brilliance to life.

While many people think that art work is meant to hang on the walls of living rooms and hallways, there are endless places in the home where tapestries can add a bit of color and flair. The dining room is one such place. The right use of pieces in the dining room can either enhance your current decorating plans, brighten up this space to make it a more festive environment or give you a window to the outside to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.


Source by Tom Matherson