There was a time when made in America wasn't something you had to look for. It was just a given. Today, not so much. We have to look to see if something is made in America, and sometimes it's much harder to find than one might think. It's hard to find a business or manufacturer who puts their country and quality before sales and profit. It seems much easier to ship work overseas for cheaper labor, or to buy overseas for a cheaper product. As an end result, the quality of the product and our country suffers.

Now, with this being said, I would like to talk about one manufacturer who has not given in to this downfall. Based in Bradford, PA, W. R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company have been manufacturing knives in America for right at 120 years now. They started in 1889, and are currently owned by Zippo Manufacturing, also based in Bradford, PA. Not only are they one of the few to continually and successfully manufacture knives strictly here in America, but their knives are one of the most recognized and collected in the industry.

W. R. Case & Sons have a wide variety of styles and patterns when it comes to knife making. They have virtually every type of knife one might desire, from hunting knives to everyday pocket knives. As well as, a wide array of materials they use in making their knives. These include things like bone and stag, all the way to mother-of-pearl. The uniqueness and beauty of their knives make them one of the most sought after among collectors. They have many knives to fit this occasion, with their many commemoratives and special editions. W. R. Case & Sons have even been pioneers to some original knife patterns, such as the very popular Sod Buster.

There is more than one benefit to W. R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company being here in the United States. Of course the obvious that makes them such popular and respected knives, the high quality, but there is also the jobs. A Case knife will go through 125 pairs of hands throughout its creation. With that many contributing people, along with the high demand for these knives, there is a large amount of jobs involved. High quality made right here in America, now that's something to be proud of.

Case now has a program going called “Making A Case For America”. This program is intended to revive some of the down towns of small towns across America. They feel down towns were once very critical to the American way. It wasn't just one large department store or mall where everyone went to get something cheap. It was a friendly place where you would go to a specific store to get a specific thing. A hardware store to get a tool, a bakery to get some bread, or to a cobbler's shop for some shoes. These were stores where people new each other by name. Case has always held to these principles by only allowing certain places to sell their knives. You will not find a Case knife for sale just anywhere. You will have to go to a hardware store, cutlery shop, or somewhere of the like.

W. R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company is a prime example of the true American way. It's not just about money, but more about people, principles, and quality. I believe it is Case's true American way that has led them to such success.

Source by Jesse A. Moore