A good quality faucet adapter will allow you to connect garden hoses to interior faucets in the house. This is essential for those who own a hot tub, a spa or a swimming pool. In this manner, you will be able to fill out whatever elements you need to with water from an internal source. You can actually fit the standard size faucet with any adapter.

However, it also comes in compatibility with screw pattern faucet designs which are the most common. Interestingly enough it serves two purposes if you get the reversible model. You can easily drain out the swimming pool or hot tub also. This allows you to conveniently close down pools during winters or for maintenance.

Generally, this particular product is categorized as a spa accessory. The connection would be a simple garden hose. The good quality materials are constructed out of heavy-duty plastic so it lasts long and is durable yet light.

Attaching it for filling water

In order to use the faucet adapter you simply need to remove any fitting from the faucet you currently use. The unit needs to be threaded onto the faucet. Since you have different types of adapters you can attach them based on the size of your faucet.

On the middle outlet, you would attach the conventional garden hose. In order to fill it is simply raise the bottom and twist it to adjust it in a clockwise manner. You will continue twisting it until it is completely closed. Now you can turn on the water.

Creating a siphoning effect to drain water

In order to drain it, you will twist the bottom counterclockwise. There is a fill and drain adjustment in different faucets. You would have to move it counterclockwise and pull it down when it is completely open. Now when you turn it on, the water will start exiting from its base. This will create a siphoning pressure and withdraw the water from any source that you need to drain. This will happen simply with the use of the faucet adapter.

You can get a variety of fittings in a single kit. This retails anywhere from $5-$20. This will allow you to use it on different types of faucets across the house. Whether you want to wash the porch or fill up a tank the faucet adapter comes in very handy for different purposes. Some of the users connect dishwashers to a water source. Similarly, you can connect your laundry or other electronic gadgets, which require water, to the water source.

Source by Kristeen Krishnan