When you are doing a bathroom remodel, sometimes there is no way to increase the physical space. However, just because you're “land-locked” don't think that means you have no way of making the bathroom look bigger.

Consider these two relatively simple ways to make your new bathroom seem bigger than it actually is.

1. Creative color. When you paint the ceiling in with a lighter color than the one you use for the walls gives the impression of the ceiling being higher. It will feel like you have more space. Following that idea, adding a darker colored floor creates the feeling of a dropped floor, which visually increases the size of the room.

2. Leverage lighting. By having your lighting directed upward, you can visually expand your bathroom. If recessed lighting is something you're thinking about, consider a spotlight bulb instead of a floodlight bulb to distribute light more evenly. If your ceiling is high enough, adding a chandelier over the tub can create a very luxurious feel to your bathroom. Just as a rule of thumb, 12-foot wide rooms should not have a fixture wider than 24 inches in diameter.

To set the mood of your bathroom, accent lighting can be used to draw focus toward certain features of the bathroom while making it seem larger. As an example, indirect or accent lighting could highlight crown molding on the ceiling.

Talk about ideas with your contractor. He may have some other ideas that will help you get more out of your limited space.

Source by Brooks Powell