While it can be exciting to upgrade parts of your bathroom, you may be scared about it not being usable for a period of time. If you only have one bathroom in the home, this is even more of a concern. The good news is many projects don't take more than a few hours to complete. One of them is the changing of the sink units.

This type of setup allows you to have an all in one change over that fits well and is efficient. It is also less expensive than buying separate items. You have to be careful when you mix and match as items may not fit like you thought they would. Then you have to send them back to be exchanged and the project will take significantly longer to complete.


Identify how much space you have before you shop for sink units. Take a good assessment of how things are currently set up. Is the current vanity too wide that you feel it limits space by the toilet? Is it too long and you feel it makes it harder to use the bath tub? Such factors can help you decide to get one that is shorter and slimmer so you have more open space in the bathroom.

On the other hand, you may feel that there is plenty of room to get one of the wider and longer sink units. This could give you more overall space for storage or to get a nice mirror display. Take your time to determine your measurements so you can get a product that fits in place nicely. Don't worry if your size isn't a common one as you can even have them customised.

Sink Area and Storage Area

As you look around, you need to keep your eye on the amount of actual sink area and the amount of storage area. Do you need sink units with a double sink option? If you have a partner and you both get ready for work at the same time, this could help reduce stress as you will each have a side to use for your morning rituals. A smaller sink area though can mean more storage.

If you have lots of items you use often in the bathroom, you may decide you really do want the additional storage area. It is a tradeoff many people are often willing to make. You can decide on a different style of sink area too with the sink units. For example, you may decide to get a new shape or a thinner design with an open lip area rather than more counter space in front of it.


You have so many possibilities that you should carefully pick a design for your sink units. This includes the right size, colour, and the design that you will be happy with. If you are investing in a well-made product, it is going to last for years so you don't want to hate it when you see it! You want it to be attractive, something you can be proud of, and a way to boost the value.

A great looking bathroom is often a key selling point when any home goes on the market. Not only will you get to use the durable product you purchased now, it will be there as part of the home when you are ready to sell it. Since bathrooms are used so often, it makes sense to ensure they are fully functional and offer you all you need! Shop around for terrific deals that fit your budget.


Source by Stuart Cutler