Reverse bidding auctions for Home Renovation jobs, construction jobs, government projects are win-win for both sides. Homeowners looking for home renovation services get the opportunity to get required services they need with little hassle and no expense. As a matter of fact they get to choose the best price from a competitive bidding environment of qualified service providers. Sometimes it's not just about price and other factors such as experience will influence your final decision, so the reverse auction model also lets you all see qualifications of bidding contractors and provides you the ability to ask them questions.

For the Service Providers and contractors looking for jobs, the reverse auction model provides a single point source of potentially available jobs. The no cost of viewing and instant notification of local projects as they become available saves on advertising costs. Once a project becomes available that suits yours business, you can decide whether your interested in bidding or not bidding. Service providers and contractors who choose to bid on a project also get automatic notification, if they have been outbid by another contractor. If this occurs they will be able rebid on the job if they so choose. There's nothing worse than losing a job to a competitor when the difference may only be a few dollars. The reverse bidding auction provides you with all the information on where your bid stands in comparison to other contractor bids. No more driving around or sending out flyers to drum up new business. You can get it all done right from the comfort of your office.

Source by Jordan Weiser