To accomplish the deed of small kitchen remodeling combined with fabulous designs and enhanced functionality is never a simple task. Usually any kitchen size less than 126 square feet is allocated into the small category so choices are narrowed down into single galley shapes to fit into the kitchen area of your small apartment. Even the size is small, working out on a budget is important as you do not want to overspend anything beyond your ability. Breakdown your expenditure for lighting, the cabinets, flooring, tiles and any other essential items to ensure you distribute sufficient fund for all aspects.

The core basics to remodel small kitchen is to consider the layout. The project should always take into account the amount of space available as small kitchens have limited rooms. You can employ the idea of triangular model where your refrigerator, stove and sink are placed in a way not too drifted apart from one another. As such, there is no space wasted and you need not move around too drastically when working in the kitchen. But of course, do not neglect aspects like lighting and ventilation as kitchen should be bright and have smooth air circulation.

Another important feature to take into account for small kitchen remodeling is the storage. To make your small kitchen appear user-friendly and efficient, you should organize the storage space systematically. There should be not too many clutters on the countertop while shelves and cabinets should be in moderate sizes to accommodate your daily necessities. You can incorporate the double stacked storage cabinets that use up vertical space to save up rooms for movements instead of piling everything on the floor. Rotating shelves and pull out drawers are also ideal for small kitchens. Do not opt for large cabinets that consume too much space as it only serves to make your kitchen look more compact.

The ultimate factor in your consideration list should be the kitchen d├ęcor. To remodel small kitchen, remember to look out for bright lighting, light and cheerful colors to make your kitchen look larger. In fact, even the setting of the lights and blending of colors will have huge effect onto the appearance of your kitchen. Seek help from experts if you have no inkling on how to mix and match.

Source by Chris Cornell