Not so long ago, homeowners who wanted to whip their kitchen cabinets into shape had to dish out a fortune on those things, and that's just the way it was. But more recently, alternative, more cost-effective methods of renovating kitchen cabinets have come along. One of them is the inclusion of RTA (ready to assemble) cabinets. They've been gaining notoriety quite fast amongst all types of consumers, but why?

Well, to start it off, assembling these cabinets yourself is actually a very simple task which can be performed by practically any homeowner, even while lacking any construction or renovation skills. It can take anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes to assemble them, and best of all, they usually arrive from one to two weeks after the order has been placed, which is way faster than the 4-8 weeks most companies will spend getting the pre-assembled cabinetry to you. As far as costs go, the prices for RTA cabinets are actually drastically lower than those of assembled ones, ranging anywhere from 1000$ to 4000$, which is actually very little in comparison with what you'd need to spend of pre-assembled ones (somewhere from 10,000$ to 60,000$).

However, there is a minor setback regarding this type of furniture. As you may suspect, getting these items at such a low price cannot come for free, without a cost. The materials used in the construction of such cabinetry are, in fact, not the best ones out there… but that does not make them completely worthless; it simply means that RTA cabinetry won't last as long as more expensive variants, and get damaged easier. But when looking at the low price at which these cabinets come from, and taking into account the fact that the materials received are more than satisfactory, it becomes clear that this would be a wise investment to make if your financial situation is a bit more restrained now.


Source by Melissa K Roy