Your bathroom faucet… you just pick up any old model, right? But why? Why keep buying from the same old lame ideas when so many new types of bathroom faucets are available?

Today's faucet selection is a hundred times better than ever before. Dozens of manufactures such as Kohler, Moen, Grohe, and Delta (to name a few) have created literally thousands of unique, stylish bathroom faucets to fit any home decor. Whether you're going with a traditional look, or a contemporary feel, there are lavatory faucets for your sink or tub that will gel perfectly with whatever decor you happen to be going for.

Bath Tub Faucets

You don't have to go with the same old standard bath tub faucet, or the faucet that was shown with your tub when you bought it. Today's bath faucets include new and exciting designs, with overhead fill options that even produce a stream of water from your ceiling!

Deck mount bath faucets can be mounted in the center of your tub as well, to keep you from getting jabbed in the back by those old tub faucet designs. Check through these options, because a good many of them come in some really great styles and finishes.

Shower Faucets

You spend time in the shower each and every day of your life. Make sure you get the shower faucet you really need, whether it's a digital thermostatic valve or a simple one-handled faucet that's more practical to your particular bath. Removable shower heads are very popular these days, and can really help when you need to wash children or pets.

Wall Mount Bathroom Faucets

Who says your faucet needs to be mounted on your sink? There's nothing as dramatic or exciting as a wall-mounted faucet, especially if you pick one that goes well with the style and decor of your current bathroom design.

Vessel Sink Faucets

Vessel (or bowl) sinks are very hot right now, and come in all types of crazy colors and designs. Since most traditional faucet designs won't work with a vessel sink, there are specially-designed faucets large enough and long enough to fill these bowl sinks by extending over them. Check out the more stylish designs, and gooseneck faucets.

When it comes to your bathroom, don't compromise. It's much easier to pick your faucets and fixtures before designing the bathroom, rather than try to fit your favorite faucet into a non-workable plan.


Source by Douglas Nichols