Bimini Ring Games make a wonderful Christmas Gift and Stocking Stuffer. They provide hours and hours of fun filled action and entertainment and are surprisingly affordable to make. Prices for pre-assembled games range from under $10.00 to over $200.00, many of them are manufactured in the US while others, like the multiplayer games, are from China. With the help of this article you'll learn how you can make a Bimini Ring Game for under $4.00.

Making a Bimini Ring Game is easy – you can find all the parts required at most hardware stores – If you don't mind purchasing more than you need, or if you are planning on making several games – the hardware you purchase at the local store will work great.

Here's where to start…

You'll need to purchase the following items:

  • 1 Hook – measuring about 3.5 inches long overall.

  • 1 Ring measuring 1.5 inches in diameter (inside ring).

  • 1 Screw Eye (about 1.375 inches long) to attach the string to the ceiling with.

  • 1 Small Plastic Anchor to insert into the ceiling for the Screw Eye to attach to.

  • 1 Larger Plastic Anchor to insert into the wall for the Hook to attach to.

    Note: The Larger Plastic Anchor is not required if you are attaching your hook to a wood post.

  • 1 Piece of String measuring about 6 feet long.

So… how much does all this cost?

You'll need to visit your local Hardware store – Ace; Home Depot or Lowes will have nearly everything you need under one roof. Some of the items you need are only sold in packages of multiple items – meaning you'll be paying for hardware you wont be needing. The hooks come in a package of 20 for around $9.00, the rings are usually come two to a pack for $1.50, the plastic anchors are 100 to a pack for $4.00 and the larger plastic anchors are usually $4.00 for 50 or so. The small screw eye hardware is about $5.00 for 100 ea. and a package of string will run around $4.00

All the hardware will run around $27.00, but if you buy 10 more rings for $17.00 you could potentially build 12 games for around $44.00 which is less than $4.00 each! You can probably think of at least a dozen friends that would enjoy owning a game – and these games make a great Stocking Stuffer for Christmas or for the traditional Chinese Gift Exchange games at Christmas parties.

Need help with installation?

Instructions are readily available online, you can find where to position the hook on the wall and where to mount the eye hook on the ceiling and how to adjust the string to the correct length by searching Google for the term Bimini Ring Game. You'll also find helpful suggestions on how to play the game and setting up competitions online as well.

Don't need a dozen games?

If you're only interested in building one game – you may be better off buying a pre-assembled game. You'll find games for sale online for under $10.00 with free shipping in the US – a quick search on Google for Bimini Ring Game returns a page full of great selections for you to choose from.

Build or Buy..

Either way – you'll find the games your make or buy will be a fun gift for everyone on your list.

Thanks for reading…

Source by Gaver Powers