To survive the war (for lack of a better term) in the bathroom remodeling Industry, one must advertise his/her bathroom remodeling business in the most effective manner. One also has to understand the various methods that he/she could use to develop the business into a trusted provider of remodeling services in local communities.

With modern technologies, there are dozens of different methods for advertising bathroom remodeling services. Television, radio, Facebook, Google, niche publications, newspaper, and the list goes on. However, one must not use all of these methods at once, or even try to comprehend them all. Doing so would be completely overwhelming and “water down” the effectiveness of your overall marketing strategy.

Instead, focus on the most effective marketing strategy that guarantees your offers will be handled and reviewed by homeowners. In the bathroom remodeling industry, this format is direct mail.

By distributing huge full-color flyers to every home in your target areas, you will generate an immediate response and virtually guarantee that your business and offers will be seen by prospective new customers. By mailing with direct mail (also known as solo mail), you can deliver your ads into the mailbox without being “stuck” in a huge coupon envelope with dozens of competitors.

3 Tips for Creating and Direct Mailing a Successful Bathroom Remodeling Flyer:

1. You must consider the design, depending on what message you want to communicate to prospects. Which photos will you use? Are you going to show before and after pictures? Do you have testimonials that you can include? Your flyers must contain powerful copy (text) and photos of your best work.

2. You must connect with your customers by letting them know more about your benefits. Pictures alone speak more than words, but sometimes, it is necessary to convey through words as well, for an efficient communication of the message. Think about a powerful headline and support it with powerful images.

3. You must distribute the flyers to the correct audience in your target areas. Don't waste money mailing to renters or apartment complexes. Target areas that contain an overwhelming majority of homeowners, and saturate those postal routes or neighborhoods with your offers.

The best contractor marketing strategies are targeted, well-though out, and long-term processes. Do not mail to your target areas once and then stop. Instead, mail to them four times per year (once per quarter) and keep your business and brand highly visible. You will capture immediate new projects as well as projects from homeowners who will be ready to start a few months down the road.

So stop wasting your time and money today, begin on a direct mail campaign designed to generate cash flow!

Source by Chris Barr