The latest look in kitchens is spacious, pristine, neutral clear cut lines and totally clutter-free. This was the look that carried off the 2008 Regional Chrysalis Award for The Best Kitchen Remodel. It is indicative of the look favored by Arclinea who worked on the design with architects Ruhl Walker.

Supreme care has been taken with every detail in this kitchen, with a silent stainless and glass hood fan ensuring total peace. The most functional parts of the kitchen are enclosed behind large streamlined closet doors, which blend in so well with the room that they almost appear to be another wall.

Simplicity would appear to be the hallmark of this company. In one of the designs favored by them, much of the functional clutter (i.e. the dishwasher, all the smaller kitchen appliances and the food storage areas) are enclosed behind huge tall closet doors.

However, there is no cramped feeling inside, there is space for pantry storage and room to maneuver trolleys on wheels etc. With most of the working of the kitchen kept here, the need for clutter is gone. In the kitchen proper, a large deep kitchen sink and stainless steel stove complement the palest of silver gray granite work surfaces.

With walls, doors and paintwork in white, neutrals and stainless steel, one almost gets the feel of an office rather than a kitchen. In this respect the designer does give a whole different feel to a ‘kitchen'. Even the handles of drawers and cabinets are shaped and concealed rather than being displayed as a drawer knob or door handle.

Many of the drawer units are designed along the lines of a ‘filing cabinet' look, adding to the efficient atmosphere of the kitchen. The seamless look of the kitchen integrates perfectly with a modern floating fireplace.

In one design a large floating pantry, touching neither floor nor ceiling houses a special fridge and dishwasher just for the children and joins into the breakfast room.

Great attention has been paid to detail, with features such as non-drip edges molded into the stainless steel ledges. Each cupboard and drawer interior is a gasp of amazement as innovative ideas rush at you. One cutlery drawer has a wooden butchers block inside with vertical slats to house each knife.

If you want to look at your kitchen and see only pristine spaces instead of work-related items ‘decorating' the surfaces, perhaps you should think of remodeling along these lines.

Source by Marci McFarland