When using Durarock, you can use the same Mud as you do any other Sheetrock, whether it is regular Sheetrock, Durarock, Water Rock or any other kind of Plasterboard. Regular Sheetrock Mud is fine for all of your sheetrocking projects.

It's the way it is mixed that matters the most. In other words, consistency. You want the mud to be thick if you are doing a plaster project or remodeling out of the mud itself. You want it thinner for regular work.

Q: I have durarock in my bathtub/shower area and moisture resistant rock on the rest of the bathroom wall. How do I mud and tape the place between the two different materials? Do I need a different type of mud? I am using mesh tape for the joints.

Water Rock is the same as Moisture Rock which is the Greenboard. No special mud is required or best when using Greenboard to Durarock. Regular Sheetrock Mud is just fine. You don't have to use any special type of mud when meshing up either.

There are two different types of mesh. Blue Mesh and Yellow Mesh. The Yellow Mesh is a little heavier than the Blue Mesh. The Blue Mesh is used mainly for doing inside corners. If you want to use Mesh Tape, Sheetrockers Secrets Recommends the Yellow Mesh for this type of project as it is stickier on the back side than the Blue Mesh.

When you mix the mud for the mesh, mix it as you normally would but the mesh will take more mud as the little squares need to be filled in. This will require more drying and sanding time.

After you apply the mud to the mesh, wipe it down evenly with a mudding knife and get it as smooth as possible. This will help with cut down the drying and sanding time. Don't push hard as it may cause the mesh to become distorted and you may have to use another piece and start over.

The only thing I would do different is not use mesh tape at all, I would use regular sheetrock tape. The reason for this is that mesh tape gives. Even after it dries and you have painted. As the house settles, the mesh tape moves more easily and it will eventually crack. This gives way to mold and insect infestations which may cause you to replace it with regular sheetrock tape later on. This is a whole other project in and of itself.

Mesh tape would be best used on inside corners or patch jobs as it kind of creates a fiber fortified spot. So if you have a patch job or corners, like the inside of windows, when the house settles, the surrounding area is the support and not the weak spot or corners and because mesh moves more easily, your project will last longer.


Sheetrock Tape or Mesh Tape

Measuring Tape

Sheetrock Mud

Mudding Tray

Mud Knife


220 Grit Sandpaper

Damp Cloth

Source by Alan Ruffell