The one section of your bathroom that is most important, other than the tub, is your shower. When doing bathroom remodeling many homeowners opt to remodel the shower instead of replacing the bathtub. Many times, it is easier and less expensive to remodel the shower than the bathtub. One way to remodel the shower is to use artistic shower tiles. If your budget only allows so much for bath remodeling this is a way to give your bathroom a new look. The pleasure of having a hot relaxing shower will be enhanced with using these beautiful tiles. In some homes today homeowner prefer to have a large shower area instead of a bathtub. In this case, the shower is the focal point of the bathroom and you want it to be very appealing and well designed.

The first thing in bath remodeling is to pick the right colors for your shower tiles. You should choose the colors according to the effect that you want to create.

• Light colored tiles-these colors will help to create a soothing space. Although light colored tiles will make the shower look bigger, they may start to look dull after a few days so you will have to clean them more often.

• Dark colored tiles-these colored tiles will give your shower a lively area but they can make the shower look small and cramped.

Just remember that whichever color tiles you choose for your bath remodel they should go along with the rest of the decor. For any shower of any dimension natural base tiles in a warm earthy tone is a good pick. One way to use tiles in the bathroom is to form beautiful patters. Use tones of the same colors or contrasting colors can be used to form beautiful patterns on the walls.

One idea is to highlight the wall on which the shower panel is found. With this being the focal wall, you could use dark tiles to form a rectangular section with a border of tiles that are light-colored. You could also use a white background with a border at the top and middle of tiles that match your decor.

Some of the different types of tiles you can use include:

• Ceramic

• Mosaic

• Slate

• Marble

• Glass

All of these tiles come in various colors and patterns. Before shopping for shower tiles for your bath remodel draw a pattern of how you want the tiles to look once installed along with the color or colors you want to use. This will help you have an idea of what you want instead of wandering around looking at all the different tiles and not knowing exactly what you are going to do with the shower.

Source by Lora Davis