Remodeling a bathroom can be a major task, especially when you don't have a clear plan. Before you can make a plan for your bathroom remodel, you must know what your options are and what you want. When it comes to tubs and showers, there are many choices that reach beyond the traditional stand-alone walk in shower or the conventional step in tub. Some newer and more luxurious items in today's world of tubs and showers include steam showers, clawfoot bathtubs, and walkin tubs.

A steam shower allows you to bring the luxury of a spa into your own home. A steam shower is a self-enclosed shower unit that uses a steam generator to produce water mist that is turned into steam. Electronic temperature control is a common feature in today's steam showers, as well as a host of other luxury features including jets, foot massager, ceiling rain features, MP3 output, radio, and telephone. Many are even voice activated. Surprisingly, all of this can be installed in your bathroom in the same amount of space as a standard shower.

Although claw foot tubs have been around for many years, new features make them a great choice for a remodeled bathroom. Claw foot tubs available today are made of acrylic material instead of cast iron, which makes the tub lighter and more affordable. A claw foot tub is the perfect choice for giving your bathroom a new look with some old world style as well. There are several designs to choose from as well as different styles of fixtures, making it possible for you to personalize your bath area.

A walkin tub is a great choice if stepping into a traditional bathtub raises concerns about safety. Walkin tubs have a water tight door on them that opens, allowing for easy entry into the tub.

Replacing a bathtub or shower is a big part of a bathroom remodeling project. So remember to consider all options and develop a clear plan before starting the project.


Source by Amanda Taylor