Houses large or small can never do without one or more bathrooms. It is not just a place for taking a shower or relieving yourself; but a place where a person can sing in the shower or relax for a moment to forget other things happening.

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is necessary to keep it clean and organized. Decorating it with accessories and other things doesn't have to be expensive. Just think smart about what needs to be improved and keep it functional.

First draw up a plan to facilitate convenience. If you find it difficult ask for input from friends and family.

There are interior design magazines that are worth buying which can offer cost-saving suggestions for redecorating the bathroom.

The bathroom may contain many things that are out of date or are not being used anymore such as medicine, shampoo, hair styling tools, etc. Those that are still in good condition should be kept and the remainder disposed of. Replace only things that are necessary to save money.

To jeep the bathroom smelling good at all times, use scented candles and potpourri which are less expensive and last longer than spray deodorizers.

Instead of buying a new cabinet to store the essentials in the bathroom, the person can use the top of the toilet bowl, the sides of the tub or a small cabinet with a mirror to store these items. A person could purchase towels that coordinate or contrast with the color of the walls to enhance the appearance of the room.

Repainting or retiling the bathroom could be expensive.

There are many ways to prevent water from spilling all over the bathroom floor. Instead of having a glass shower door made of glass, replace it with a shower curtain and pole.

Guests who visit the home will use the bathroom. Consider using safety handles that are useful for both for the owner of the house and any visitors to prevent accidents.

A bathroom doesn't have to be extravagant for people to appreciate it. By working with the space and resources available, it can be decorated to be both elegant and beautiful.

Source by Bill McRea