If you are looking for a gas grill there are a wide range of brands to choose from. People often choose well known brands that they believe they can trust to produce quality products. Companies often explore new ideas such as using infrared technology in their products. Brand name products are tested quality and performance purposes. These and other brands are sold in stores across the country. Stores such as Lowe's Home Depot, Target and many others sell these grills at budget, as well as mid and high ranged prices. Companies such as Weber buy smaller brands to add to their ever expanding product line.

CharBroil, Kenmore and Weber account for half of the annual sales for most stores. Popular and less familiar brands are tested for their quality and performance. This information will help you to decide which brand is best for you.

CharBroil – This brand has emphasized the need for infrared technology such as Quantum and Red lines. If you are budget conscious then the Char-Broil is perfect for you as it is an affordable brand with new and exciting features for you to choose. You can buy this grill in many stores across the country. The Quantum series is sold at Lowe's the Red line at Home Depot, Target and many more.

Ducane – If you want a solid, reliable, brand, then Ducane is for you. Weber has a reputation for quality products which are great value for money. It sells top quality cast-iron and stainless-steel rod cooking grates and lifetime warranty stainless-steel burners. You also have the option to buy a natural gas grill. Weber has added to its product line. You can buy Weber products in most retail stores across the country. It is important to remember that Weber bought Ducane a few years ago.

Fiesta – This brand is stocked by few retailers. It is mainly sold in specialist stores such as Home Depot and other regional shops. It introduced a Blue Ember line electronic grill in many popular stores.

Kenmore – This brand offers a variety of grills to suit people with a tight budget. It hopes to develop a solid reputation as a reliable and thorough brand. Kenmore sells products with an infrared searing area and provides its customers with the option to buy natural gas grills. These grills are sold in most nation wide retail stores.

Companies are always willing to find new ways to expand their product line such as emphasizing the need for using infrared technology. People buy brands that have a great reputation that they can trust. The above brands were tested for quality and performance to give consumers an idea of what they should buy. Some brands are great for people who are on a tight budget while others have more features and are more expensive. These brands sell grills in stores such as Lowe's, Target and many others. In conclusion if you think you cannot afford to buy a brand name grill think again as there is sure to be something for you.


Source by Ferdy I Salim