1. Heightened appreciation

Painting landscapes gives you a heightened appreciation of the natural world. It enables you to see the world more closely and to understand it finer points and intricacies. Many people don't fully appreciate the beauty of the natural world around them because they don't take the time to look at it more closely. When you paint a landscape, you're challenging yourself to inspect part of the natural world so you can effectively depict it in your painting. You have to see what the world around you is made up of.

2. Getting outdoors

Many landscape painters choose to practice plein air painting. This is simply the act of going outdoors and painting the world as you see it. Plein air painters explore the world around them to find a beautiful spot to paint. One of the reasons why so many artists enjoy plein air painting is because they get to be in the great outdoors surrounded by nature, as opposed to stuck in a stuffy studio. There are some artists who just explore their local region for great places to paint and there are others who will save up and travel to different countries to find the subject for their next painting.

3. Exploring colours

Nature is full of all sorts of colours – the colours that make up the natural world are seemingly endless in number. If that's not enough to contend with, there's the fact that light constantly changes throughout the day. You can paint the same scene loads of different times, each set at a different time of day and each using an abundance of different and unique colours. One of the best things about landscape painting is that it opens up a whole new range of colours for you to work with, many of which you may not have seen before.

4. Emotional connection

Many people believe that looking at landscape paintings is good for them. They find landscape paintings to be soothing and calming. One of the main benefits of landscape paintings is that your paintings can make others feel good. Paintings in general can have a captivating quality; landscape paintings have the ability to trigger emotional responses from people. They can help people get in touch with not only their feelings, but also their past experiences as well. Landscapes can help people remember and relive particular times of their lives that they're especially fond of.

Source by Joanne Perkins