Since we know how important space is and how difficult it is to use it wisely, especially in the kitchen, with so many pieces of furniture and utilities to accommodate, we have gathered a the most successful 11 tips and ideas for remodeling a small kitchen.

1. Plan ahead! Especially when the space is limited, you have so many things to take into account that it is very important to have a thorough plan in place, as well as precise measurements. This way you make sure nothing is left out and you can keep track of your budget.

2. Try to do most of the work yourself. No one knows better than you what you need, and no one will try as hard as you will to have everything perfect in the smallest details. Moreover, you save money this way, and the more involved you get in the project the higher the satisfaction you get when the work is ready.

3. Have the cabinets and the cupboards custom made. It may be a little more expensive, but the quality should be better too, and you can have everything in the dimensions and colors you prefer.

4. Choose materials resistant to steam and high temperatures, so that your cooking ideas will not affect their condition. Especially as far as the kitchen board and the table top are concerned, heat and water resistance should be the key features you should be looking for. This way, you will not have to worry about spilling a glass of water or the hot pan leaving marks. Moreover, such materials are usually also easier to clean and maintain.

5. Keep the table, the sink and the cooking machine as close together as possible. Cooking will be less messy and you will have everything within your reach.

6. Try to ensure a high level of comfort, so that your loved ones can keep you company while you cook.

7. Choose colors that are easy to match. You might repaint the walls every now and then, so make sure the furniture will give you the freedom to choose different colors for the walls paint.

8. One of the best ideas for remodeling a small kitchen is to buy a foldable table and chairs or have them custom made. Small should not mean uncomfortable. With the table and chairs folded you can move around freely around the kitchen and, when you are done cooking, setting the table will be a matter of seconds.

9. Go for sliding doors. No matter how small or beautifully decorated they are, regular cupboard and cabinet doors require space. More than that, you may accidentally leave them open and hit your head, leg or hands when you turn around.

10. Use medium-bright colors – dark shades favor dust, while too bright colors emphasize dirt.

11. Make sure you leave room for opening the window as wide as possible. You need the window area clear to improve airflow and let the smell, the steam and the smoke out. Air filters and exhaust hoods are useful, but it doesn't hurt to lend them a hand.

Aside from the above tips and ideas for remodeling a small kitchen, we have one that is off the record, but probably more important than all the others: follow your heart, and try your best to create an inspiring and welcoming atmosphere; if you like your kitchen and you feel comfortable in it, the food will taste better, cooking will be less tiring and your family and guests will be happier.


Source by Klint Draper