Halloween is just arriving and you might have not probably planned a perfect scary party, and of course looking for the party ideas that truly help you to get spooky!

This event would never be that cool as it was in your childhood, now you are grown up and you just enjoy the trendy costumes and spend the whole day drunk. But, it is not the same, the adult's parties are more exciting because the haunted houses are scary enough in your childhood but not now, costumes might be lame but it's just fun and the decorations boost up the energy. Your Halloween party experiences may vary!

Halloween is the actual time when you can let your own innovations shine. Along with your decorations, meal and Halloween costume, the scary games could make the day more spooky! When it comes to a scary dark night people mostly think of the bats, scary stuff, ghost and black cats. But the party never ends at that your party only works when you have something different that is ghostly and weird.

Have you ever think or plan games and scary activities for your party? Believe me being an adult your friends will enjoy and this will actually work.

What about the Ouija Board? Sounds scary, right? When you were a teen you totally get delighted with the Ouija Board. This party game will bring fun in your sinister day. It depends on the people you invite and of course the ghost that hangs at the ceiling of your home.

So have you ever experience levitation? It's quite creepy because it's hard to levitate ten feet in the air. All of your childhood games would be so borderline foolish, this game is frightening because it works.

The funny fact in this game is it was created to frighten the teen in a previous couple of decades. Sounds perfect?? A creepy white Halloween costume having blood spots will look impeccable when you are practicing levitation.

What do you think about the creepy treats for your friends? It's fun to add fearful treats to conclude your Halloween plan. This holiday is not just about a few snacks, as there are a lot of tutorials out there to help you make frightening meals.

If you are planning to scare your friends at the table then the deadliest graveyard cupcakes would be fun. You can perfectly bake the treats that look like human eyeballs and organs, bones and skulls, cupcakes with a bleeding knife and treats that depicting a hand coming out from the mud.

Source by Allison Lyons