Pet birds can bring a lot of joy into a home and are not very expensive to be chosen as pets. Of course, I am talking about parakeets, love birds and other not-so-expensive birds from the parrot family.

A smaller bird will cost less in every part of pet ownership, cheaper cage, cheaper maintenance.

If you have decided on getting a bird as a pet, you need to know that they are social animals. They love being in couples. Keeping one bird will require you to spend much more time with it.

But what if you want one bird. Just a single bird to share the space with you. You don't mind devoting time to it. But there will be days when you will have to leave your bird alone.

That is where the mirror comes in handy.

Pet birds like having mirrors in their cages and putting one in the cage will make your pet bird very happy. It will also make them very talkative. So what's with those mirrors and birds.

Being so social, birds love company. What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror. Yourself. What does a bird see? Another bird. A friend. A buddy. Another bird to talk to and spend time with.

You can see parakeets spending hours talking to mirrors. They chirp and talk in a voice softer than usual. They are actually socializing with the other bird.

That's all to it. That is why they love mirrors. It gives them the opportunity to socialize with someone else than you.

There is one important thing to know when it comes to mirrors, too. If you are trying to teach your parakeet or other bird to talk, you should reconsider putting a mirror in the cage.

Why? Having another bird is going to make it much harder on you to teach the bird to talk. Having a friend is having someone to talk to. Having a mirror in the cage is the same thing. And if the bird has someone to talk to, it won't talk to you much. That means it will learn our speech much slower and harder.

Source by Brankica Underwood