If you want to avoid having the rooms in your home look cold and without personality, make sure you do not have any stark spaces in them. When you want to add some life to a room and give it character, you have to add some wall decor to relieve that monotony of blank walls. Here are some great ideas to bring this kind of life to your walls.

One of the best and easiest way is to add texture to the wall. There are so many wallpapers that have texture, and it is a simple task to paper the wall or walls with a wallpaper that has a raised design, or is made to look like bamboo or linen. Of course, this can be brought to an extreme, and there have been avant garde decorators who adhered straw or paper bags to a wall to achieve texture, but this is not a solution that is for everyone.

Wallpaper is still the tried and true way to add texture as well as color to your walls, and if you start to look at some of the wallpaper books in a decorating store, you will be amazed at the variety of styles you can achieve, and leave the straw out in the barn for the animals!

You may also consider wall hangings to remedy a bland wall. A beautiful old quilt adds a lovely touch of texture and color, and also spotlights a unique family heirloom. This is one of the nicest ways to add texture, since it is done in such a personalized way.

Another very personalized way to add texture is to display a collection on a wall. For example, a gentleman who collects antique tools might consider hanging them on a wall in a family room in an interesting pattern. Now they are serving a function, and he has also succeeded in removing some clutter from his garage.

How about using old doll clothes or dresses to perk up the walls in a girl's room? Here you are sure to have plenty of color, and the textures of old dresses are usually materials such as tulle or organza, which would be very eye catching. The colors of dresses such as this are perfect for a little girl's room.

Just using your imagination and the materials around you will yield a lot of ideas for adding texture to a dull wall.


Source by Andrew Caxton