The modern style of cake making is a relatively new concept. Cakes have been with us for the past thousand years. In ancient Egypt, cakes were more like the modern day bread that we have. They were spongier and had bread like consistency. This may be because of the presence of yeast in the cake batter which gave it bread like consistency. The first non-yeast cake to be baked was the sponge cake which is till date a hot favorite among cake lovers. It was different from the normal cakes but still differed from the dairy based cakes of today which use butter, eggs and baking powder.

The turn of 18th century saw the entry of the temperature controlled ovens which changed the art of baking for ever. It revolutionized the process of baking and the results were the cakes as we see them today. With the change in the scenario, cake decoration too became a sport and many sugar craft artists and chefs became masters in the art of cake decoration, thus winning accolades for themselves.

Cake decorating is an art form which is in widespread use. This kind of sugar craft uses icing and frosting as the basis for cake decoration. Using this craft, even a simple cake can be made visibly delightful and exquisite. Alternatively, cakes can be molded and sculpted to resemble three-dimensional persons, places and things.

Cakes form an integral part of any celebration in most parts of the world. Decorated cakes are the focal point in many celebrations like birthday, graduation party, bridal showers, baby showers, wedding and anniversary etc. Some of the professional cake decorators are former painters and some even have degrees in fine arts, or arts history or some of them are graffiti artists.

Decorating a cake is a very fine process and involves a lot of concentration, finesse, experience and basically the aesthetic sense to present a beautiful object. The proper use of the necessary tools and techniques is a must while going for a cake decoration. The theme of doing up a cake may vary according to the occasion. It starts from the very premise that there is a well baked cake which is just perfect for decoration.

A variety of tools and accessories are used for baking such as cake pans, cookie press, non stick baking mat, tong and many more. With the help of these articles, an exquisite delicacy can be produced.

The next logical step is to give the cake an outer dressing which is an essential procedure, if you want to present a beautiful object of culinary excellence. The decorating tools are very useful for the beginners or advanced bakers who need to decorate cakes, pastries, and more. These tools include a decorating string, looped plunger, cream horn cases, cake stencil set, wood rolling pins etc.

Icing of the cake is also one of the most important components of cake decoration. The proper use of icing dispensers helps in drawing very fine decorative designs without fatigue and the exercise becomes hassle free.

Source by David Urmann