There are literally hundreds and hundreds of different fish tank decorations that you could choose from. These days the ones that are being sold are so beautifully detailed that they are good enough to be displayed in your prized cabinet. And with automation, they make the fish tank itself look more like a work of art.

The key is to figure out the type of theme that you will be pleased with. After choosing your theme, it will be so much easier to scan through the pages and pages of aquarium decor on your favorite online store to find the perfect decor for you. The theme you choose should be one that you are interested in and will give you immense pleasure watching the fish swim among the items for a long time to come.

To start your brainstorming going and give you some cool theme ideas which you can try, I will be introducing you to the gorgeous fish tank ornaments that you can get within themes that represent ancient civilizations long gone.

The Ancient Greek And Roman Theme

The Ancient Greek and Roman Theme is probably one of the simplest themes to choose. This is because it is also one of the most well known ones. Being very favored by aquarium enthusiasts makes it one of the easiest tank decor to get online as well as in pet stores. The Greek as well as The Roman Themes are actually the same because both cultures share very similar backgrounds, so for the rest of this article I'll just refer to it as the Greek Theme. The main ornaments in this theme consists of columns. These columns come in complete as well as ruin forms. By matching the various columns, you will be able to construct a complete Greek Temple of your own if you wanted to.

Apart from the columns, you can also get statues of the Gods. The main God in this case would be Poseidon or Neptune because he is after all the God of the Sea. But you can also get statues of Zeus, Aphrodite, Ares and more.

The Ancient Egyptian Theme

This theme is awesome. I really love the new ornaments that they are producing these days. These include the generic Egyptian pyramids as well as the Sphinx, which incidentally is my favorite. There are also Sarcophagus of Pharaohs, a Pharaoh busk and Egyptian columns. If this is not enough, you can also get some cool Egyptian vases with holes in them that make nice caves for your fish.

To make this theme work, you would need to use a background of a desert scene or get one of those new 3D backgrounds which makes the theme look extremely authentic.

The Polynesian Theme

The Polynesian Theme is made up of the world famous Easter Island heads. Arrange a couple of them in a row to create an Easter Island effect. To enhance the look, get a backdrop depicting an island scene.

There are also colorful Tiki Heads that you could use for your theme. There are quite a number of this that can be placed along with Polynesian huts to create a great beach scene. While not really ancient, they would still look like it did come from the world's greatest sea dwellers.

The Ancient Asian Theme

Asian decor has always been famous. No one can resist the mystery and allure that Asia has always had. There are some really great Asian ornaments on sale that you could use. No longer are you confined to just Pagodas and Temples. These days you can get numerous Buddhist statues in complete as well as ruined forms. There are still Pagodas and temples that you could get, but the newer versions are extremely detailed and the ones that I love so much even have the roots of trees over them, making them look really ancient.

Source by Timothy Kessler