Dramatically changing the way any room in your home looks can be accomplished easily and economically by using decorative toss pillows. Instead of repainting or re-papering walls or spending thousands of dollars to replace perfectly good furniture, a few well-chosen cushions strategically placed, can inject new life into any space.

Colors in Throw Cushions are Key

Don't be afraid to experiment with bold shades in your choice of pillow. As long as there is some shade of the color somewhere in the room (or even in the room adjacent to it), you're using professional decorating guidelines. Because interior design is based on personal preference, there are very few limits. For instance, you certainly don't have to feel that all print pillows are out just because your living room sofa has a loud geometric design. As long as there's a common color or shade picked up in the cushions (from anywhere in the space), it'll work.

If clashing patterns are just too avant garde for your design taste, but you'd like to see patterns in the pillows, look at those with self embroidery. Decorative pillows are often embossed with a design that is in the same color and sometimes even uses the same thread. This gives you a subtler pattern, but the overall effect is more textured than an all-over solid color.

Cushions Come in All Sizes and Shapes

While color is an obvious design consideration, the shapes and sizes of accent pillows can make statements too. It makes sense that a standard size square cushion (18 in x 18 in) will impact its surroundings differently than a smaller rectangular (11 in x 15 in) pillow might, and there are many ways to enhance the effect. One method is to piggyback the throw cushions: you use two pillows, identical except one is bigger than the other, as a set or group, one very nearly on top of the other.

Another size and shape grouping that creates great visual interest is when you put several pillows together, all in the same decorative theme, but not identical. In other words, let's say you've chosen needlepoint pillows with various types of palm trees on the face of them. The nature theme gives cohesion to the design, while the difference in the patterns, shapes and sizes of the pillows creates the wow factor.

Decorating a space should always be an exercise in fun and play, with no right or wrong. By using a few quality accessories, like hand made decorative pillows, you can easily and quickly enhance your home with an injection of your personality.

Source by Richard Rothstein