“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw

You deserve to be comfortable. Your home will reveal whether that is true or not. While the order to shelter at home continues to test our comfort level, what can you do? Life is full of so many questions. Is it time to make some changes?

Do the items in your home express your personality, your individual taste, or your decorating budget? When selecting wall art for your home, a well designed lower priced item can look expensive and work just as well as the higher priced item. Just make sure you compare the endurance and quality of the lesser cost item with the more expensive one.

There's no need to spend a small fortune for the latest eye-catching wall art. Learn to know what works with what you already have. Get ideas from your favorite online searches, other shopping networks, or from popular TV shows. Then work those ideas into your own home décor style.

What does your home say about who you are? The choices you make are important. If your choices make an unfavorable impression, your image may suffer when family and friends come to visit. Your particular style determines your image. Your style and your image together makes your statement.

What positive impression does your home's décor already create? Are you creative in coordinating different pieces of wall art? What about your choice of colors? For instance, does the gold trim on your new wall mirror look odd when placed between a pair of green candle holder sconces?

Look for little things that may look out-of-place when combined with another object. How does the same color of two different items look when placed side-by-side? Many wall art items can be matched or coordinated to show off your creative style.

Try an elegant smoked glass candle sconce to add light and mood. Many other wall art items are available that not only bring usefulness and fulfillment to your walls at home, but can determine your personality as well. Wall art includes decorative signs, hanging planters, plaques, decorative clocks, mirrors and more.

Any one of these will show off your creative side. Take a look around your home. Is it a pleasant place to live? To visit? Does it express a calm and comfortable atmosphere? If not, now may be the perfect time to shop for some new wall art.


Source by Gerri D Smith